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ChiroSpark is the ultimate platform for chiropractors and their staff to learn and implement Facebook Ads, Social Media and Email marketing - and so much more. ChiroSpark includes loads of actionable guides as well as real, tangible step-by-step social media training. These are the exact strategies and resources we use to generate hundreds of new patients for chiropractors all over the country!

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Grow your practice with Facebook Ads

Launch our tried-and-true Flagship Facebook campaign to start generating new patients immediately. This is the exact campaign we've used to generate 30+ new patients every month!

Reach new audiences with Instagram Ads

Few chiropractors market on Instagram. Jump ahead of the competition by reaching an untapped new demographic. A new platform can be intimidating, but we show you how easy it really is.

Grow your following with YouTube Videos

There's no better way to build relationships with a wider audience than YouTube. In this course, we'll take you through how to start your own channel to build a following.

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Meet Dr. Blake Kalkstein

I'm Dr. Blake, founder of ChiroSpark. After receiving my DC, I wanted to make a big impact for our practice and for the chiropractic field. After a lot of trial and error, we're finally hitting our stride with Facebook (30+ NPs per month), YouTube (30k+ subscribers), and many other facets of our business. ChiroSpark is the culmination of the lessons we've learned and our goal to make those strategies and tactics available to every chiropractor.

Private Community

ChiroSpark isn't just a vault of marketing strategies, training videos, and how-to's. We also have a private Facebook community where you can interact with my team and me. Any questions, concerns, ideas, comments, etc, you'll have a whole group of docs committed to success.

"Setting up effective Facebook ads can be intimidating and complicated. ChiroSpark walks you step-by-step through the process and is there to help when you need it. Within the first month of using their system we saw an additional 4 new patients. For a new practice, that is not insignificant. The following months we saw even more. If you’re not using Facebook ads, you are missing out on potential growth. The best way to start is through ChiroSpark!" - Dr. Clay

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