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Our Marketing Numbers: 2016 versus 2017

strategy Jan 09, 2018

Yesterday, I went through my marketing costs, new patient numbers, production, collections, and growth.

I compared 2016 with 2017. I wanted to share those numbers with you. You can check out the full video here > https://youtu.be/WJR4i-VSvpE

Please reply if you have any questions or comments.

If you need help building your online presence through Facebook and YouTube, I'd love to be the guy to help you do it.

Doc, thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch this. I truly appreciate it.

See you on the inside,

Dr. Blake

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What's the plan for 2018?

strategy Jan 02, 2018

Happy New Year!  Now that all the celebration is died down, it's time to get to work.

So Why YouTube, or even Why video for that matter? Because we can create 1000 True Fans. A quote from Kevin Kelly's essay:

To be a successful creator you don’t need millions. You don’t need millions of dollars or millions of customers, millions of clients or millions of fans. To make a living as a craftsperson, photographer, musician, designer, author, animator, app maker, entrepreneur, or inventor you need only thousands of true fans.

A true fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produce. These diehard fans will drive 200 miles to see you sing; they will buy the hardback and paperback and audible versions of your book; they will purchase your next figurine sight unseen; they will pay for the "best-of" DVD version of your free youtube channel; they will come to your chef’s table once a month. If you have roughly a thousand of true fans like this (also known...

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End of Year Review: 2017

strategy Dec 19, 2017

It's that time of year again! No, not scrambling to by Christmas presents!

The time to review what you did well and what you could do better. So I'd thought I'd share my top 3 things we did well, and top 3 things we need to work on. Hopefully it sparks something in you.

The bad first.
1. I worked too many days. I took off 7 working days last year, and I spent too many weekend days in the office.
2. I stopped doing workshops in the community.
3. I stopped quarterly mastermind/strategy sessions with my father (whom I work with)
So, how am I going to correct those things?

I'm knocking out #3 by signing up for Strategic Coach. Dad and I will be in the same room for one day, and have the following morning to apply what we learned to continue to grow our practice and our future. If you are looking for broader direction help, I really think this is the place to go. Just a heads up on the price tag: 10k per person.

So for #2, I'm going to plan bi-yearly workshops with the running community. I...

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Should you run discounted offers?

strategy Nov 28, 2017

Today, I want to talk about discounted offers. When it comes to marketing your practice, some docs are okay with discounted offers and others aren't.  There's a case to be made on either side, but I want to take the chance here to talk about my experience.

First, what do I mean by discounted offer? It's usually a discounted first visit that could include an exam, consultation, maybe treatment and X-Rays.

I run discounted offers for our office and it's been a game changer.

Why do they work?

We want to remove as many barriers as possible - in our case, that barrier is price. When you're targeting a cold or lukewarm audience, a discounted offer makes it easier for someone to come in.

This tactic isn't anything new. Car dealerships offer cash back, restaurants 
offer drink specials, phone companies offer deals on phones. The goal is to get you through the door.

Once they're through our door, then they get to meet our staff and docs, see our facility, and get an idea of how...

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