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Facebook Announces Huge Changes...What Does It Mean For Chiropractors?

facebook Jan 30, 2018

On January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, announced some drastic changes to the way Facebook is going forward, starting this year.  There is a lot of speculation about what is happening and what is going to happen regarding small business, paid ads on facebook, and community interaction.  And, there has been a ton of false news going around saying that this change will massively impact chiropractors and their business.


Please note that I have reviewed these changes for you, implemented strategies to counteract the changes that will affect general posting, and most importantly debunked the fake news regarding paid advertising.  Watch the short video below that outlines steps you can do to stay ahead of the curve.


Thanks for watching and if you have any questions, please email me at support@chirospark.com!

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What should our Chiropractors be looking for in regards to their FB Ads analytics?

conversion facebook Dec 12, 2017

There is an excellent Facebook community focusing on marketing run by a good friend of mine, Dr. Kevin Christie. Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernchiromarketing. I highly recommend joining as there is always a ton of great value in there. This morning, Kevin, myself, and some more awesome members on the Modern Chiropractic Marketing Council had a great discussion on what you should be looking for when running an ad. I thought the conversation was incredibly valuable so I wanted to share it with you here.

Kevin asked: From our experts, what should our Chiropractors be looking for in regards to their FB Ads analytics?

My answer: It's about the end goal, CPA (cost per acquisition). But We need to keep in mind the big picture, especially for optimizing. For example, FB users will see watch our video (Views) , click the link (Clicks and CPC(cost per click)) , visit the landing page (PageViews), fill out a form (Leads), schedule an appt (Appts), show up (CPA)....

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The dreaded Facebook error message....

facebook Oct 31, 2017

"Your Ad has been Disapproved for Violating Facebook's Advertising Policies."

We offered these tips in the fall, but it's always good to brush up on Facebook's policies. If you don't, worst case is your Ad Account gets shut down...not good.

First things first, you should get familiar with Facebook's policies here > https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads . A lot of it is intuitive, but definitely take some time to look through their policies.

Alright, so how does Facebook Review ads? It starts with a computer review. The  computer isn't taking into account the context of your ad, it's mainly looking for keywords that are automatic red flags. If the ad passes the computer, then an actual person reviews it. The important piece here is understanding that you need to get past the computer (more about this to follow).

Now, I want to quickly run through some common reasons we have seen chiropractor ads
get disapproved.

1. Word choice - Because Facebook review starts with a...

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The First 3 Stages of Targeting on Facebook

facebook targeting Oct 03, 2017

Today, I'm talking about audience targeting. I'm going to go through the EXACT 3 stages of targeting that I recommend for docs using ChiroSpark. This could be the missing piece to your FB ads! 

Let's dig in!

1. For those of you just starting with Facebook Ads, your first audience is very simple: Age and Location. We generally start by setting an Age range of 25-55 years old. This seems to be the sweet spot for general chiropractic appointments. (This age range should reflect your typical patient for the treatment you offer, it's not set in stone.) While creating the Ad Set, Facebook let's you drop a pin at your office location and draw a radius around it. This is the best way to use location targeting - set the radius to 2 to 7 miles (depending on your area).

2. Once the audience above ^ is rocking, many people want to ramp the budget. You could do that, but you'd end up burning through your audience. You want to balance the short and the long game here. So, the next audience...

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Making sense of Facebook's backend

facebook Sep 26, 2017

Between your Personal Account, Your Practice Page, Your Ad Account, the Ads Manager, the Business Manager, there are a lot of terms being thrown around that ultimately make things confusing. The last thing you want when taking the plunge into Facebook Ads is to get hung up from the very start!

So, let's get a few definitions and I'll use examples from my own practice to add a bit of clarity.

1. Personal Facebook Account ex: Blake Kalkstein. This is how I normally log into Facebook to update my status, wish someone happy birthday, etc. You can tell you're in your personal account when you see the classic blue Facebook tool bar at the top (more on this later).

2. Your Practice Page ex: Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic. This is the public facing Facebook page for my practice. If you search our office on Google, a link to this Facebook page will come up. We also link this page on our website. This is NOT a separate account. You can't 'log in' to this page. You manage it by logging into...

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FB Marketing Metrics: How to Optimize and Scale

facebook Aug 22, 2017

Hope everyone is off to a great start to the week! For today's Tuesday Tips, we're going to take a step back to talk about (Facebook) Marketing Metrics.

Specifically, we're going to tackle which Metrics are most important, and how do we use these metrics to optimize and scale our marketing.

To start the conversation about metrics, we're going to start with a bird's eye view of our Funnel, and as I like to say, that's Funnel with a capital F. What do I mean here?

Well, Facebook Ads are just a component to a larger mechanism, our Funnel. (A funnel in ClickFunnels can also be a part. Confusing, right?). The goal of that mechanism is to generate new patients. So, when I talk about our Funnel, I mean the full, start to finish process of generating new patients. For the sake of this email, here's an example of our Facebook Ads Funnel.

Person A's Journey - Italicized text are the metrics for each step:

1. Sees our FB Ad. - [Impressions and Cost Per Impression (CPM) in the thousands]

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Why Your Ads Get Disapproved - The Facebook Review Process

facebook Aug 15, 2017

Thanks for joining us for another week of Tuesday Tips! We get to work with a lot of chiropractors, some experienced with FB ads, and others who are FB greenhorns. A common issue newcomers run into is the dreaded "Your Ad has been Disapproved for Violating Facebook's Advertising Policies."

If this has happened to you, you probably felt pretty lost (Facebook gives little guidance as to WHY your ad got disapproved). Well, I wanted to take this week to talk about how Facebook Reviews ads, common red flags, and easy ways to fix disapproved ads.

There's a lot I could go into here, but first things first, you should get familiar with Facebook's policies here . A lot of it is intuitive, but definitely take some time to look through their policies. 

Alright, so to understand WHY your ads get disapproved, we'll start with HOW Facebook reviews ads. When you submit an ad for Review, it actually goes through multiple rounds of reviews. The first is done by a computer. The computer isn't...

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The Top 3 Reasons Your FB Ads Aren't Working

facebook Aug 08, 2017

I apologize if that headline sounds click-baity but it's a good topic! Through our work at ChiroSpark, I've been able to witness firsthand a few dozen chiropractors' Facebook ad campaigns. And, whenever I am working with a doc, and they say, "I haven't gotten any leads and it's been two weeks," or "My ads just aren't performing like I thought they would," one of these 3 reasons is usually the problem.

1. Your targeting is wrong.
A lot of newcomers to Facebook want to tap into its huge potential and think - "Woah! I can target 2 million people with one ad!" And then, nothing. It's a common misconception that the power of Facebook is Reach. But, the real power of Facebook marketing is not how big you can go but how small you can go. As we like to say, there are riches in niches.

2. Your Ad is in the wrong place.
When you create a FB campaign, you have pre-selected the option to have Facebook choose where you Ads are placed. (If you don't know, FB ads can appear in a number of...

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Facebook Ads Showdown: Image Ads versus Video Ads?

facebook Aug 01, 2017

Hey there!

I super quickly want to thank you for stopping by our site. Be sure to check back every week for new articles covering anything and everything from Facebook advertising tips, new marketing strategies, marketing software tools, solutions to common problems, and lessons learned from running ads with dozens of Chiropractors.

If you want these digital goodies sent to your email every week, you can fill in your email address on the right or bottom of this page. Now, let's get into it!

If you've ever created an ad on Facebook, you've definitely seen the various format options for your ad. Yes, there are five different formats, but at a basic level, it really just comes down to... what's better: Images or Videos?

Facebook is designed for Split Testing so, as with most everything that has to do with Facebook ads, the easy answer is always Test, Test, Test. So, we decided to do exactly that, test Images vs Videos side by side. It was the same offer on each ad, and we put about...

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