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The world of video (and Black Sheep Chiro Podcast)

Uncategorized May 22, 2018
I recently had the chance to chat with Jerry Kennedy from the Black Sheep Chiro Podcast. (Check out Black Sheep DC here).

Jerry and I got the chance to talk about all things video. Common roadblocks (or excuses) when starting out, YouTube versus Facebook video, SEO tips, tricks, and other nuggets of wisdom from my experience. 

Here's the link to listen > BSDC Episode 176

You can also check it out on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts. :)

If you're interested in diving into the world of video, whether that is for your practice, or personal brand, on YouTube or FB - I'd love to help. Click the link here to pick a time to chat.
See you on the inside.
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How much should I spend on FB ads?

Uncategorized May 02, 2018
Good morning Doc! 

So, I see this question a lot - How much should I spend on Facebook Ads?

There are two ways to answer this - one I think is better than the other, but I'll mention both. 

At a basic level, you're really asking about a marketing budget. If you don't have a marketing budget - you need one. Let's be honest here, whether it's for personal or business, money leaving your bank account stings. But, when you budget, that money has a purpose. It's not money that could be spent somewhere else - it's cash specifically for marketing. In many ways, it's giving yourself permission to use that money to grow your practice. 

When you start thinking of it that way - it's easier to assign money to a marketing budget. 

So, then the question becomes not how much should you spend on marketing - but how much can you spend on marketing? 

In the past, that would be the end of the discussion. I can afford X for marketing, so I'll use that to...
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Focus On Your Past To Fuel Your Future

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2018
I've got massive 10 year plans for our office, for ChiroSpark, and for the profession.
But if all my focus is on the end goal, I'll always be comparing where I am currently with where I want to be. This can lead to negative thoughts and stall production.
I use this simple idea to keep me moving. Let me know what you think with your comments below.
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The 1st Step in Growing Your Practice

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2018
Good morning Doc! 
So, it's been just over one year since we opened the doors up to ChiroSpark. Pretty crazy, right?
In that past 12+ months, I've certainly learned a lot about chiropractic, business, marketing, etc. but I've also learned a great deal about myself.
While I love learning new skills, techniques, marketing tools, etc - what really gets my engine revving is interacting with docs and providing value.
It's the reason we offer so many strategy calls - both to our ChiroSpark users and non-users. 
I wanted to share something that comes up a lot in these calls. It's what we stress and teach from the very beginning when you start with ChiroSpark. 
And, that's tracking.
No, not Facebook Pixel tracking, I mean tracking your practice's performance. 
I talk to a lot of docs who can't answer these questions:
How many new patients did you see this month?
How many total patient visits...
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How I Doubled my Optin Conversion Rates

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2018
Today, I want to dig into some of our numbers - specifically our optin conversion rates. 
To preface - I generally like to emphasize traffic over funnels. Many people get caught up in Funnel-Mania, spend months building an immaculate funnel, and then can't drive traffic to save their life. It doesn't matter if your Call to Action button is red or green if you can't drive quality traffic. Right?
That's why I teach - get SOME results, go from zero to 1, and then worry about optimizing. (I built ChiroSpark to do exactly that - help you go from zero to 1. You can grab a Free 7-Day trial here). 
Alright, so assuming you know how to drive traffic on FB...
Our FB ads drive traffic to a landing page that built in Clickfunnels. It's a pretty standard optin, collecting name, phone, email address. 
Since I started running FB ads to generate new patients, I've used three different funnel templates (not including my first...
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How and When To Create Video Content

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2018

Sometimes starting a new project can be daunting, and we will self-sabotage ourselves until we get all the needed information.

I'm guilty of it.

But sharing your office's unique skill set with your community can be such a game changer for your practice. Specifically via video content.

Let today's video blog guide you on the correct steps you need to take to start producing video content for your community so you can focus and delivering tremendous value.

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How To Get Your Call To Action "Above The Fold" on Video

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2018

I'm in a great group of chiropractors and marketers. It's called The Modern Marketing Chiropractic Group. It's on Facebook. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernchiromarketing/

Recently, the founder, Kevin Christie, posted about his blog and the book StoryBrand.

It's a great book and you should read it. Get it from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2J62icu

The gist of the convo was how to use StoryBrand on your blog. It was an excellent conversation that brought a ton of value about calls to action. And it got me thinking, how can we put calls to action "above the fold" in our videos.

On a call with one of my clients this morning, I blacked out Old-School style and dropped some massive value for him: how to get your call to action, with scarcity, above the fold in your videos, and how to do it with your Facebook ads. I'm kicking myself I didn't record the call for everyone.

Luckily, I've been intermittence fasting, so my brain has been sharp on recall lately. This...

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Fire Breathing Dragon

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2018


Last week I had the pleasure to sit down and chat with Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance president Bobby Maybee.

It was an off the cuff, no prep questions, honest chat about chiropractic, where I come from, what a new doc should be doing before they even open up a shop.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Don't miss out on the first ever Forward KC annual symposium.  The line up is killer!  Get tickets here: http://www.forwardthinkingchiro.com/event-list#!event-list


Yours in Health,

Dr. Blake

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Planning Your Day for Productivity

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2018


This year, my father and I joined Strategic Coach. SC is a coaching company for entrepreneurs looking to 10x their business. Our goal is to 10x our business in 3 years! Crazy right?!?

How can I take a $1.5M and grow it to $10.5M in 3 years?

SC is going to help us get there, and one of the first lessons they taught us was their time management system. I think it's incredibly valuable, so I wanted to share my interruption of that with you, hoping you can apply the skills to your life.

At Strategic Coach, they have a time system designed specifically for entrepreneurs. It’s made up of three types of days: Free Days that are entirely away and disconnected from the business are for rejuvenation, Focus Days are centered on money-making activities, and Buffer Days are for preparation.

Watch the video to learn how I plan out my schedule.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

If you want more info on strategic coach, go here: https://www.strategiccoach.com/

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My 3 Favorite Business Building Books

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2018

Hey Docs!

We're one month into 2018?

Is it going as planned? Are you executing on your ideas? Are you on a path to growth?

Or, have things faltered. You're running in to roadblocks. Things aren't getting done.

I know that feeling.

My marketing coordinator gave me her 2 weeks notice 17 days ago. We scrambled to disperse her tasks to other members of our team, hire a replacement, and figure out what we did wrong to push her away. 

I understand working for a small business has its limitations on growth, but all we ask is before you decide to go, please tell us so we have time to find an adequate replacement. (This was the most frustrating part from this; She didn't come to us sooner. I need to work on better intra-office communication).

So when shit hits the fan, I fall back on 3 major books that have helped me get to where I am now. I pop them open and enjoy the warm embrace of an old friend. I read back over any notes I've taken in the margins. I skim the fluff, and dive into...

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