How much should I spend on FB ads?

Uncategorized May 02, 2018
Good morning Doc! 

So, I see this question a lot - How much should I spend on Facebook Ads?

There are two ways to answer this - one I think is better than the other, but I'll mention both. 

At a basic level, you're really asking about a marketing budget. If you don't have a marketing budget - you need one. Let's be honest here, whether it's for personal or business, money leaving your bank account stings. But, when you budget, that money has a purpose. It's not money that could be spent somewhere else - it's cash specifically for marketing. In many ways, it's giving yourself permission to use that money to grow your practice. 

When you start thinking of it that way - it's easier to assign money to a marketing budget. 

So, then the question becomes not how much should you spend on marketing - but how much can you spend on marketing? 

In the past, that would be the end of the discussion. I can afford X for marketing, so I'll use that to buy print Ads, mailers, billboards, etc. 

But, with social media advertising, there's a big shift. Specifically, because of tracking. 

With print ads or billboards, you'd spend $X, and at best, you make an educated guess as to how much revenue those ads brought in. 

With social media advertising, specifically FB ads, you can track exactly how much revenue that money spent on advertising actually brought in. 

Now, our original question - how much should I spend on marketing - almost becomes irrelevant.

If one month, you spend $100 and make $1000, how much would you spend the next month? 

You'd pour every bit of cash into that campaign! 

And, that's the beauty of advertising on Facebook. You're not throwing money into some blackhole in the advertising universe. You can see exactly the effect your dollars are having. 

Then, all you need to do is scale. And, boom goes the dynamite. 


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