How I Doubled my Optin Conversion Rates

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2018
Today, I want to dig into some of our numbers - specifically our optin conversion rates. 
To preface - I generally like to emphasize traffic over funnels. Many people get caught up in Funnel-Mania, spend months building an immaculate funnel, and then can't drive traffic to save their life. It doesn't matter if your Call to Action button is red or green if you can't drive quality traffic. Right?
That's why I teach - get SOME results, go from zero to 1, and then worry about optimizing. (I built ChiroSpark to do exactly that - help you go from zero to 1. You can grab a Free 7-Day trial here). 
Alright, so assuming you know how to drive traffic on FB...
Our FB ads drive traffic to a landing page that built in Clickfunnels. It's a pretty standard optin, collecting name, phone, email address. 
Since I started running FB ads to generate new patients, I've used three different funnel templates (not including my first attempts which were slightly better than atrocious). 
The first was pretty simple, nothing fancy. It converted at 15%. Not great, but the numbers worked out. Last year, I wanted to spruce things up, make it look cleaner, more mobile friendly, etc. After that, we saw our conversions jump to 20%. At the start of this year, I wanted to go for a brand new look, new layout, new overall feel. A complete new take. 
The result? 30% conversion rate. Doubled from our first funnel! Now, we're cooking! And, that's to cold traffic... not retargeting.

But, the really cool part? You can use this funnel too. 
This new funnel is available to all ChiroSpark users. We built this funnel so that you just need to swap out a few pics and edit text and it's good to go! 
If you haven't signed up for ChiroSpark yet, you can grab a Free 7-Day Trial here. You'll get access to all of our trainings, resources, and yes - our new Funnel :)
It's the one-two punch of traffic and funnels. One without the other is worthless. It's why ChiroSpark exists - to give you all the tools you need to generate new patients, to cut out the guesswork, to provide your shortcut to growth. 
See you on the inside!

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