End of Year Review: 2017

strategy Dec 19, 2017

It's that time of year again! No, not scrambling to by Christmas presents!

The time to review what you did well and what you could do better. So I'd thought I'd share my top 3 things we did well, and top 3 things we need to work on. Hopefully it sparks something in you.

The bad first.
1. I worked too many days. I took off 7 working days last year, and I spent too many weekend days in the office.
2. I stopped doing workshops in the community.
3. I stopped quarterly mastermind/strategy sessions with my father (whom I work with)
So, how am I going to correct those things?

I'm knocking out #3 by signing up for Strategic Coach. Dad and I will be in the same room for one day, and have the following morning to apply what we learned to continue to grow our practice and our future. If you are looking for broader direction help, I really think this is the place to go. Just a heads up on the price tag: 10k per person.

So for #2, I'm going to plan bi-yearly workshops with the running community. I know this option still exists as they reached out to me in November. I think when I implement the strategy for #1, I will have more time to do office related stuff on the weekends. I also plan on doing bi-yearly workshops that I create myself. I've already go the FB ads down, and I invested in Chad Woolner's Workshop funnel program this year. And I plan to delegate 90% of the work needed for this. I'd be happy to share my results with our members and help them achieve this in their practice!

And finally, #1. I want to take 6 weeks off this year. Part of this will be paternity leave. My wife is due in May with our first child. Now before you say that's unreasonable, or I could never take that much time off, ask yourself, how is that possible. Don't block of a possibility before asking how it can be achieved.

Now the good.
1. We saw a lot of NP
2. We made 50% more money
3. We have the best staff we've had in years.
So, how am I going to improve on those things?

#3, I'm going to continue to treat my staff very well. Quarterly office events. Buying breakfast on Friday mornings. Hiring the person, not the position. Using Kolbe scores to help our staff achieve goals I know they can. A new uniform piece this year. Last year was under armour quarter zip jackets! A big hit.

#2, I want to make 50% more in 2019. I think easily achievable if I knock out my 3 bads, and improve on my 3 goods. And I think this is possible with taking 6 weeks off next year.

And #1, our NP. We had 1033 NP in 2016 and we are sitting at 1536 as of November this year (with 78 as of this writing for December). We are going to continue to use FB ads and YouTube to drive new patients into our office. We are going to use the data from last year to drive higher quality leads into our office. We may spend more, but we will get better new patients from it. And we are going to continue to push the envelope when it comes to running Social Media ads for our office. And, of course, share all the winners with our ChiroSpark members.

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